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Sharing some thoughts

Donations for the rainforest

Rebuild rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia


Picture of Orangutan in Borneo, Indonesien.

This is a German saying and I take it seriously. I’ve made a donation for a good cause and I want to share it with you. My goal is to motivate you to do the same. There are countless reasons to do so, and countless ways to do so. Last year I was traveling on Borneo, Indonesia, and was able to witness feral orang-utans. There are not many left. On the search to support I found the following project.

Synchronize Keepass without conflicts

Synchronize a Keepass database across all your devices with Syncthing instead of Dropbox.


Picture of a sunset in Africa.

Keepass is an open source tool to store all your passwords. You only need to remember your master password for Keepass and store trillions of individual passwords for each of your accounts. To have all your passwords at hand, you probably want the Keepass database (where all your passwords are stored) on all your devices (phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, etc.). To do so, you can synchronize them. Here is how you can do it, but be aware of the limitations below.

Static websites with Hugo

The fast open-source static site generator Hugo.


Picture of Reykjavik

Hugo is a fast and flexible open-source static site generator written in the computer language Go. Basically, it’s a simple program to quickly build websites like this. It is static, which means you can not interact with it yourself besides read information. You can’t POST your own stories or comments on this website. It’s less interactive, but it’s much easier to maintain, to update and it’s very secure. There are also many design themes available (many for free,…

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Hey there! My name is Patrick and I live and work in Stuttgart, Germany. I write about IT and technology, climate and life, travel stories and I might show you a nice photograph here and there. Enjoy the blog!