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The fast open-source static site generator Hugo.


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Hugo is a fast and flexible open-source static site generator written in the computer language Go. Basically, it’s a simple program to quickly build websites like this. It is static, which means you can not interact with it yourself besides read information. You can’t POST your own stories or comments on this website. It’s less interactive, but it’s much easier to maintain, to update, and it’s very secure. There are also many design themes available (many for free, see the respective licenses) - This site uses the theme called Hugo Future Imperfect Slim. If you are interested, I’m sure you can also learn how to use Hugo via their Getting Started instructions.

To run Hugo locally

  1. Download and install Hugo
  2. Create a new site/project on your command line interface (CLI): hugo new site quickstart
  3. Add a Theme inside the created “quickstart” folder: git submodule add https://github.com/pacollins/hugo-future-imperfect-slim.git
  4. Add the theme to the site configuration: echo 'theme = "hugo-future-imperfect-slim"' >> config.toml
  5. Create a new blog post: hugo new posts/my-first-post.md
  6. Start a local browser (comes with Hugo): hugo server -D
  7. Open http://localhost:1313/ on your browser

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Hey there! My name is Patrick and I live and work in Stuttgart, Germany. I write about IT and technology, climate and life, travel stories and I might show you a nice photograph here and there. Enjoy the blog! PS: Ändere die Sprache auf Deutsch, wenn du magst, in der oberen rechten Ecke.